FFMPEG support added

Today we enabled FFMPEG on all servers, as well as the PHP modules for FFMPEG. This allows you to run scripts for converting and hosting online playable videos.

This new features is now available to existing and new customers without extra cost.

11th Sep 2012
Hosting Plans Have Been Upgraded

Several of our hosting packages have been upgraded! All new accounts will include more disk space, bandwidth, email and more. If you are a current customer and require your hosting account to be upgraded to the new stats, please contact us. System Administration will determine if a move to a different InMotion Hosting server is necessary. If it ... Περισσότερα »

10th Jun 2012
FTP Back χώρος για τα όλα τα VPS

Υπάρχει διαθέσιμη η νεά υπηρεσία backup ftp για όλους τους vps servers. Μπορείτε να δείτε την τιμή και τον τρόπο λειτουργίας στην σελίδα χρήστη.

16th Apr 2011
Νέος πίνακας ελέγχου

Αναβαθμίσαμε τον πίνακα ελεγχου στην νεα εκδοση του plesk. Σε περίπτωση που αντιμετωπίσετε τεχνικό πρόβλημα τότε ελάτε σε επικοινωνία με το τμήμα υποστήριξης.

20th Dec 2010
Υποστήριξη 24/7

Tech Support is now available 24/7!

You Asked for it, we delivered! Effective immediately telephone support will now be available 24/7

Sales and support via email will continue to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

23rd Nov 2010
Wordpress Security

We've implemented several security mechanisms on our hosting platform to deflect these attacks - but this is a large and highly distributed network that is involved, please take a brief look at how you can further harden your WP installation. 15 minutes of preventative maintenance could save you hours of time due to a compromised/damaged WordPress ... Περισσότερα »

12th Feb 2009
Updated Web Site and Control Panel

You may have noticed that things look a bit different around here. We've just completed and launched our brand new website and Control Panel. It was time to make things a bit more mobile-friendly.  You still have access to all the same easy site controls, everything's just a bit more modern looking.  In addition, now that all upgrades are ... Περισσότερα »

5th May 2008
Ξεκινήσαμε με νέο σύστημα

Ξεκινάμε την νέα χρόνια με νέο σύστημα πληρωμών και παραγγελιών, για τυχών προβλήματα παρακαλούμε, ελάτε σε επικοινωνία με το τμημα υποστίριξης.

5th Jan 2008