Dedicated Servers

All our dedicated servers are totally equipped with SSD which stands for solid state drive. SSD combined with state of the art Intel processors will give you amazing server performance.

Why Choose our dedicated Servers?

Sideservers lets you choose a configuration that meets your processing needs and scale as your demands grow. With a wide selection of processors, drives (HDD or SSD), and RAM options at your disposal, you can set up a system that adequately supports your daily operations. Simultaneously, you can optimize your IT budget with flexible payment models.

High-performance Dedicated Servers

With our ultra fast dedicated servers will increase loading speed at least 300% more than your old server host.

DDOS protection

Security and DDOS protection on our layer-7 network is available on dedicated servers with out any extra charges.

Up to 256 ip's

On our dedicated servers we provide full flexible ip addresses plans. Also an antispam filter will check your IP to avoid spam.

Dedicated Server Plans

Our team is always here to help. We offer technical support support on all servers.

SD-100 AMD Athlon 64 5600+ X2 4 GB DDR4 2x240GB SSD 5 TB $ 25.99/month
SD-200 Intel Core i7-920 16 GB DDR4 2x480GB SSD 5 TB $ 49.99/month
SD-300 Intel Core i7-920 32 GB DDR4 4x480GB SSD 5 TB $ 65.99/month
SD-400 Intel Xeon E3-1245 64 GB DDR4 4x480GB SSD 10 TB $ 85.99/month
SD-500 Intel Xeon E3-1245 128 GB DDR4 4x480GB SSD 15 TB $ 105.99/month

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All dedicated server includes

A dedicated server offers you the comfort of a single-tenant platform with the flexibility of cloud pricing. Deploy enterprise-grade hardware on an opex-based pricing model to maximize your use of IT resources and ensure optimum performance

Up to 256 ip's

On our dedicated servers we provide full flexible ip addresses plans. Also an antispam filter will check your IP to avoid spam.

Exclusive Computing Power

Providing uninterrupted raw computing power is the key goal about our Dedicated Server. This is a single tenant Bare Metal Server, no noisy neighbours.

Hardware Flexibility

More RAM or a powerful CPU or even GPU? With Dedicated Servers you can adjust the hardware configuration to match even your most demanding needs.

100% uptime

Your Application is always online. On our serververs we include double PSU and hardware raid. That means you can not lose power or any of your data.

Host Virtual Machines

On each powerfull dedicated server you can host any virtual machine and any relative software. VMware, proxmox, virtualizor and more.

Server control panel

Connect and reboot, stop, start your dedicated server any time. Our superior dedicated server control panel can manage your server easy.

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